Saturday, September 17, 2016

Two Quick Things

I have started riding my recumbent, again. Need to get into shape and also need to rehab my achilles tendon that I injured about a month ago.

On my last ride, I cruised downtown Cd'A and out the Centennial Trail. On the way back into town, I needed to stop at the restroom. Approaching the area where the bathroom is I slowed way down. I unclipped from my left foot clip and noted that there was a nice parking spot on the grass next to the restrooms. I coasted off the sidewalk and into the grass. Immediately my wheels sank into a deep grassy mud. I abruptly stopped and fell over with a splat. I lay there for a second feeling the cold wetness of the mud circulating through my clothing.

The fall didn't hurt at all. It was like I did a slow motion tip and sunk into the grass. I got up as quickly as I could and looked around to see if anyone had witnessed the event. No one had, that I could tell.

My clothes were covered in mud so I took off my shorts, gloves, and jacket and put them in the bike bag on the rear carrier of the bike. I rode the rest of the ride in my black underarmor tights and bike shirt. I didn't have to stop until I got to my Jeep so no one saw my attire.

At home, I washed my gear and told my story to Linda. No harm no foul.

Speaking of bike rides, we have a friend who just started an adventure. David Groth, a newly retired principal from Coeur d'Alene, is riding his bike around the perimeter of the United States. He says he will be riding about 9000 miles by the time he finishes. It will take him about nine months, or so. If you want to follow him, he has a blog at

We have another adventure coming up so check back in a week and see what's up!

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Al Dee Sollinger said...

Wish I could have a video of that rest stop Deano.