Thursday, September 22, 2016

Barking Sands

As soon as we get settled in I'll update this post. All I can say now is that we got up at 3:30 AM and Mike Wassmuth drove us to the airport. Thanks, Mike! You are the best! 

Our connecting flights took us to Seattle where we met up with Caroline and Don. Then on to Kauai, Hawaii where we landed, collected our baggage, and rented cars. Then we went to Costco and Safeway for provisions. Once the shopping frenzy was over we drove south to the Pacific Missile Range Facility, at Barking Sands. 
Looking east at a rainbow @ Barking Sands.

We cleared inspection and got our passes and found our cabin. Opening up the place was a bit hot, the humidity must be real high. We packed our gear in and found spots for most of it and then we walked down to the beach. 

Our cabin from the beach.
We were warned about the chickens in Kauai. It's true.
This owl flew in, funny, all the chickens left.
Copter out on the base entry.
A Nene, a goose, not the dance.
Chicken whisperer.
Watching the sunset.

I think this is Mars after sunset.

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