Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Final Stop

View looking north from our balcony.
John and Loretta loaded their two hitchhikers into their truck and drove south into the big city of San Jose del Cabo. We stopped and ate at one of their favorite taco places, Rosie's Tacos. After we filled up on fish tacos and other delights they took us to the condo where we are staying and we explored our new digs together. At this time we reside at Las Mananitas Condo #A4 and the views are spectacular.

Don and Caroline Samuelson arrived about 5:00 PM and we began our restful adventure together.

Las Mananitas Condo.
We have really not done much in the way of exploring San Jose del Cabo. A couple trips to the Mega store and a few walks around the condo area. Linda has run every morning so she knows the town from the eyes of a runner.  Caroline brought with her a GoPro Hero 3 Silver that she found floating in the ocean off the beach at Westport.  She had given it to her grandson, but he could never get it to work right. He got a second one so Caroling brought the found on down and gave it to me!  Way cool!

I have been working with the camera and have gotten it to work but, their is a bit of a glitch in it.  You can only use it with a Bluetooth device.  I use my phone.  I beleave the shutter button on the camera is not working.  I have been in contact with GoPro and when I return I will try to get the camera GoPro...way cool!!!

Our goal today is to find a sports bar where we can watch the Zags play.
A little game of paddle ball on the beach.

Fun in the pool.
Caroline and Don gave me a cool GoPro.
Get ready for a bunch of goofy GoPro photos.
Our first sunrise a the condo.

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