Friday, March 20, 2015

Baja Blue

Captain John out hunting for dorado!
Three days ago we checked out of the Casa Grande and caught a flight from Manzanillo to Mexico City and then on to a flight that dropped us into San Jose del Cabo. Loretta Sutherland met us as we picked up our baggage and we met John out on the street. From there we drove Northeast up Baja to La Ribera where John and Loretta have built a beautiful small casa. We arrived explored their home and had dinner, that was about all we could do after our journey across the Gulf of California. Plans were made for the next day and then we went to bed.

John and I woke up early and by 8:30 AM I had purchased my fishing license and we were launching the boat. We spent the day out on the water where we caught Barrilete till my arms hurt. Problem is they are not the best fish to eat so we tossed them back.  I caught a sierra, but it freaked out at the boat and rammed into the side getting free. Bummer!  It was a fun day on the water, but we really wanted to catch some keepers.

Whale tails abound!
 We got back to the case, had dinner, drinks and then went to bed. John and I were on the water by 7:00 AM and were set to catch sierra.  That didn’t happen. We were back home by noon and we loaded up with the ladies and went sightseeing. We visited the beach where the Sutherlands camped the years before building the house.  It is quite the cool place.
We returned to the place and got the weather report which was not good for fishing.  Winds are expected for the next few days, this doesn’t make us happy, but what can you do.  John and Loretta will catch up on home duties and Linda and I will rest.

Linda on the beach where the Sutherlands used to stay. 

Baja blue is the color of this water.

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