Thursday, March 12, 2015

Another Day, Another Sunset

The tiangui is such an interesting place.  Every Wednesday we walk into this market knowing that we have seen everything it has to offer, but we are still drawn into the crowds.

Yesterday’s exploration yielded two very interesting by-products. The first by-product was material. Linda was able to find and negotiate the purchase of a ceramic soap dispenser. We use one at the kitchen sink, but our last one got dropped and cracked. I fixed it with Shoe Goo but it still leaks.

The second great find was in the area of lost friends.  As we were exploring the vast market landscape, two people approached us and said our names.  Grant & Jacquie Lake surprised us and said that they had been looking for us the last couple years.  We met Grant & Jacquie through Don and Caroline.  They both stayed at La Ploma back in the day.  Back then we spent evenings out to dinner together, walked the tiangui, and basically goofed around during some of our earlier visits to Melaque.  We haven't seen them for several years, but that wasn't their fault.

After talking a while, we found that they had tried to email us at our Roadrunner account and we failed to receive the messages. That account has never been stable in Mexico and so we use our Gmail account.  They did not have that account address so we lost touch.

Grant said that last year they saw us as we were driving our camper out of Melaque, headed for home. They waved, but we didn't see them. Close but no connection.

We are now connected, and this means Don and Caroline will be connected. Maybe someday the three of us will be back together, talking about Gaston and his many beautiful stones!

Our evening was spent in Barra watching the sunset and eating pizza with Barry and Jill. It was a fun night, but I think we all really enjoyed the fact that we had rented Leone's car. It made us feel like we had gotten Mom and Dad’s car for the night and we were free to come and go as we wished.  Funny the little things in life.

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