Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentines Day

I saw quite a few little <3 posted on face book yesterday, I don't think I have ever used those characters to express a heart like that.  This blog treats those characters as a a broken tag in HTML.  Maybe that is saying that there is a broken heart somewhere.

The entire town of Melaque was swept up in the Valentines spirit. People were everywhere buying tokens of love for each other.  We saw so many flower arrangements being transported about the town that it was sort of funny.  Some were very pretty but there were also some that were so over done that all you could say is "Why?"  We had a good laugh as those walked by.

My Valentine to Linda was to take her to Ayala's for brunch. This little place serves her favorite meal, chilaquiles.  On Friday it also serves my favorite, chile rellenos as their daily special.  This is a double treat that hit the spot.  I was able to make Linda happy and have my favorite breakfast, what a gift of love.

Later in the afternoon we walked down to Laguna de Tule to the bar and had drinks there.  It was happy hour (I think happy hour happens all the time down in Mexico.) and drinks were two for one.  Linda had a margerita and quickly declared that this was her new favorite bar on the beach. I had lemonade as we talked about how lucky we were to be down here. The ocean had white caps on it and the breeze was cool and refreshing.

We walked down to the beach at the pink house and met everyone for sunset.  The breeze had died and the skies were filled with occasional clouds. it was a good sunset for photos so I snapped a few. After sunset Larry, Maggie joined us for dinner at Sr. Froy's.  The food was good and the music was fair.  The evening ended as we watched luminaries set free in the wind.

Back home at the lot I thought about the day and was happy.  I wondered how many times in the past Valentines Day had fallen of a Friday with a full moon.  Love must have definitely
been in the air last night.

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