Monday, February 10, 2014

The Pink House Party

Love how the sun reflects off the sand!
In the last week or so we have been able to get to know two couples whom we have heard a lot about but were never able to meet.  They are Pink House people too!  Berry and Leigh, Tom and Debra come from Nanaimo BC.  They rent old Pink from January 3rd until March every year.  Therefore we have never met them until we were able to stay down into January.  What a great couple of couples!

Just another sunset.
Like I said, we have been able to find out more about them and have noticed that we have quite a bit in common, plus we have the same opinions of the Pink. We all agree the Pink needs some repairs and we also agree that it is a super location.

Last night we watched the sun set and then attended a party at their (our) house.  Everyone was invited and it was a great turn out.  Folks talked and shared wonderful foods while a group of talented friends provided music.  It was another great night in Melaque!

Fishing fleet boats anchor by the point.
The two Teds and Hal.

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