Monday, August 26, 2013

Here's How It Happened.

Eleven days ago we were just beginning to plan our next big adventure.  We had been invited to travel with friends East to Yellowstone National Park to sight see and do some fly fishing.  We were excited that Darren and Marcy had invited us to tag along and were eager to hear their itinerary. 

As the week progressed we gathered more information about their plans and realized a few logistical problems. Foremost of these was the fact that I needed to be back to Coeur d'Alene in time to pack my boat and get ready for a raft trip down the Lower Salmon River to do some Steelhead fishing and Chukar hunting. If we were to tag along with the Upchurch's then we would have to leave them before we got to do any of the fun things, like fishing. Disappointed, we we called our friends up and bowed out of their plans.

This all happened just before the weekend and on Saturday morning Linda got a call from our friends in Westport. Caroline had just finished up making all the plans for them to do a Holland American Cruise up the inside passage to Alaska.  She was so excited because it was a very good deal and asked if we wanted to go with them. We were immediately thrown into a tissy. Accepting their invitation would mean that we would have to book the trip in the next day or so to get the good deal. We had to find a house sitter, get everything in line for the adventure and commit!

Our first call was to Fatima our house sitter.  We lucked out! Fatima was free to stay at the house and take care of Kobi!  The wheels started turning and, of course, Linda started making a list for our possible trip to Alaska.  We called Caroline and Don, got all the information, and booked our passage on the cruise liner.

On the first day of Linda's retirement we will be on a ship heading for Alaska! We are very excited and I will be posting photos and notes on Canyonwren Travels as we make our way to Alaska and back. 

You can check out our route by exploring this Google Map, Trip to Alaska with Don & Caroline.

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