Saturday, November 17, 2012

Getti!ng the Stink Off - Yeah Right

Darren made soup for lunch!
Some people say that if you do something a lot and then you have a spell where you are not successful  in that endeavor, you have a stink on. All you can do is keep at it, change tactics and try to "get the stink off."  That is how it seems with my Steelheading right now. I need to do something different, go to a different spot or in other words change it up a bit.

Darren Upchurch and I got up at 3:30 am Friday and drove down to the Clearwater to fish.  We had a great day of casting but failed to connect with any fish.  The weather was great and I didn't fall down or break any equipment so I consider the trip a success.

Dead Salmon using fish-eye effect from camera.
Here is something new.  In the past I had been taking pictures with a point and shoot Nikon.  On the last river trip the camera quit working. No I didn't drop it in the river!  I took it back to Best Buy and since it was under warranty they sent it away for repair.  Last week it was returned and they were unable to fix it.  I was then given a credit and I needed to purchase a new camera.  I have had three point and shoot cameras in the past several years and all of them quit due to the same problem.  No I didn't drop them! The lens cover stuck open and the camera failed.

My answer to this problem was that I do not want a camera with those silly retractable lens things.  This left me with the choice of three smaller non DSRL or the more expensive DSRL cameras.  I decided upon a Canon SX50 HS.  These were the first photos taken with this camera.

With the new camera I was able to goof around while I fished and the photo results make the results of no fish much easier to take.  I didn't get the stink off, but I did learn a bit about the new camera.

Darren using full 50X optical zoom.

Same shot without using the zoom. Wow!

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