Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A Day of Sun

What do you do when you finally have a day of sun? ROAD TRIP!
If we follow this road, will we get to Jill and Barry's?

We packed up the Miata and cruised on over to Palouse Falls to take a few pictures of the falls at high water flows.

Palouse Falls can be found by taking I-90 west to Ritzville then by taking a left onto highway 261. Once heading south, we went through Washtucna and found the sign directing us to Palouse Falls State Park.

We walked around and took some photos. It was nice to be out in the sun on this beautiful day.

Palouse Falls at high water flows.
Back on the road we drove up to Washtucna and turned right on highway 26 until we came to Colfax and highway 195. The 282-mile road trip took us in a huge circle through the Palouse. Every twist-and-turn of the road was a green mosaic of spring colors.

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