Sunday, June 26, 2016

Weekend Hike

Zane read us the story of the big burn.
The skies had cleared after a couple days of rain when we met the Edwards family at the Albertson's parking lot. I jumped into the brand new 4Runner with Ryan and the kids and Holly settled into our Miata with Linda. The destination for our hike was up through Wallace, Idaho to a historic trail maintained by the US Forest Service.

Ryan led the procession and I navigated; we only made a few wrong turns and eventually we found the trailhead.

We unloaded and hustled over to the first historic kiosk and started reading the background for the amazing event that took place up Placer Creek back in 1910. The date should give you a huge hint about the event that devastated this region. In 1910 a forest fire of epic proportions swept through the mountains and valleys surrounding this drainage. The Big Blowup or The Big Burn torched over three million acres of forested land killing 85 people and destroying several entire towns.

As Zane read, the other two kids goofed off and explored.
The trail we were hiking led us up along the creek to a tunnel where “Big Ed” Pulaski led his 45-man firefighting crew when they became surrounded by fire. His actions saved all but six of his crew and secured his legendary status in the Forest Service and throughout this area.

We hiked up the trail and read each kiosk as we went. It was a great trail that led 2 miles up along side the rushing stream. At the top, we climbed down and crossed the stream where we could climb into the tunnel where Pulaski led his men.

Once we checked everything out at the top, we scampered back down to the cars. Ryan led us to a restaurant called The City Limits Bar and Grill where we had a nice lunch before heading back home.

Ryan and Holly had to go to Kellogg and do some work on the house they own and are trying to sell. Linda and I drove back to Coeur d'Alene, but I made a bit of a big mistake. I left my camera in Ryan's car!

Ryan held my camera for ransom and I had to take him a dozen donuts Sunday morning to get it back. When I uploaded the pictures of our hike I discovered a few more than expected. As you can see, the camera-as-hostage was a family affair. 

Anika pointed out this little snake.

The entrance to the Pulaski Tunnel.

Heading for the Bar and Grill.

Here are the photos I found on my camera that I didn't take!
There were many, many more.

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