Friday, April 08, 2016


The next morning the air was still and the sand and dust had settled.  Tiny front-end loaders were moving about pushing the sand off the roads and sidewalks. We loaded up and made our way through Hurricane and on to our first National Park, Zion.
Back at the Sand Pit, I chatted with a fellow who had warned me how to pronounce Zion. If you call it Zion with an "on" ending, then everyone knows you are from out of state. If you pronounce it with a "un" ending, then you are saying it like a local, even though you may look like the classic tourist.

We entered the park and found our campsite at Watchman. The site is a bit tight but we got our two rigs squeezed into it. Once we had things in order we decided to take a drive and get the lay of the land.  We took the Jeep and drove up over the Zion-Mt. Carmel Highway through the tunnels to the area just before the East entrance to the park. It was a spectacular drive. The day gave us blue bird skies,

as Holly would say.

After the drive, we still had most of the day left so we hopped on the shuttle and rode the entire bus route up to the Temple of Sinawava and back. With the drive and the bus tour under our belts, we felt we could start exploring the hikes when we got up the next morning.

We woke up to partly cloudy skies but a warm day ahead. Linda went for a run and I got our dinner into the crock pot. When she returned we put the air conditioning on low and fixed Kobi a bed for the day.  Dogs are not allowed anywhere on hiking trails so he would have to stay and protect the rig.

Our day consisted of riding the shuttle to Weeping Rock where we did the hike. Then back on the shuttle and up to the Temple of Sinawava where we followed the Virgin River until we got to the Narrows. The Narrows are closed due to run-off at this time. We turned down river and hiked along the water’s edge back down to Big Bend where we caught the shuttle on down to our final hike of the day, the Emerald Pools trail.

The hikes were very neat, but I have to say that there were so many people doing what we were doing that it took away some of the majesty of the event.  We found out Salt Lake City and surrounding areas were on spring break this week so we will face crowds wherever we go.

The view from the Weeping Rock hike.

Looking up the Virgin River into the Narrows.

Linda looking across the Virgin River.

The climb Moonlight Buttress with climbers and all.

The top belay station.

Linda on the Emerald Pools hike.

View from the top pool.

Crowds at the top pool.

Hiking selfie at the trails end.

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