Saturday, April 09, 2016

What's Going On

Camper pizza again. I think it's getting better!
The predicted rain came in yesterday afternoon and has hung around since.  It pours and then the clouds break and the sun comes out. It's beautiful but we have found that the ground gets very slippery. I haven't done my usual full out back plant, but I have slipped twice where I was paws down walking like a big bear.

Since we are in the rain we have explored the visitors center, walked the dog and Linda did an 8-mile run. While she ran Kobi and I explored some of the dog-friendly walking paths. There are very few areas that allow dogs, but we have found a couple spots where old man Kobi can poo in peace.

Kobi's hiding place. Please ignore Linda's hole in her sock.
While out on this walk, between down pours, I stopped and took some photos of a cactus in bloom. As I snapped pictures a hummingbird flew in to grab some nectar. I tried to get a good shot, and the bird tried to give a good one, but his wings moved so fast that I couldn't stop then. I probably could have adjusted the shutter speed, but that would have meant that I stop shooting and figure out the settings. I am sure the hummingbird would have waited.

Another black cloud moved over head and the thunder sent Kobi into hiding. It's pouring but we are warm inside our camper.

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