Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Big Ditch

Breakfast of  Idaho hikers!
The Grand Canyon is as huge and inspiring as everyone writes and talks about. We pulled into the first canyon overlook at Desert View Watchtower at about 2 PM The trip getting there was uneventful, except perhaps our stop in the town of Tuba, Arizona, where we bought about seven items on our shopping list. It was a very busy town and we drove around a bit until we found the store. Looks like Tuba has a regional health care center for the Navajo Nation. We drove through on of its parking lots.

The Desert View Watchtower.
Back on track, we stopped for fuel and then made the turn onto the road leading into Grand Canyon National Park. When we stopped the size of the canyon really struck us. I took too many photos and we looked around. The crowds are not as big as in Zion, well at least so far, but there are a lot of people to watch. At times, both Linda and I feel a little under dressed. Linda without her high top fur-lined Uggs and me without my silver and gold emblazed hiking stick and leather loafers. I guess we’ll just try to blend in with our Idaho everyday casuals.

We are camped at Mather Campground and I have been spending time managing our power.  Oh, just in case you are wondering, it was partly cloudy most of the day with strong head winds. We got to the canyon and it was sunny, but you could see dark clouds coming in from the north rim.  Once we got our camper set up and we went into the Visitors Center and back it started to snow. Last night it got down to 33 degrees and today it is now 37 degrees and sunny. I’ll post photos and posts when I can, the signal here is a bit sketchy.
Our first view of the Grand Canyon.

Linda trying to tell Kobi that we are south and yes there is snow.

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