Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Next Stop...

Today was the day of great changes. We got up early and packed everything for the days trip. I drove the truck to the dump station and Linda brought the Jeep.  As I dumped our waists, in the most discussing dump site ever, we hooked the Jeep up and got it ready to tow. Once everything was checked and rechecked, we headed out.

Our destination was a state park outside of Cottonwood, AZ called Dead Horse Ranch State Park. To get there we took state highway 89A down through Oak Creek Canyon, past Sedona and on to the smaller town of Cottonwood.

During this drive, we lost 4000 feet of elevation and gained about 50 degrees of temperature. Our camp spot is in very dry foot hills, just outside the city proper.

Our first mission after set up was to drive back into town and get grocery necessities. Once that was complete we could settle down and enjoy the heat.

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