Thursday, April 14, 2016

Goofing Around at Lee's Ferry

Who would have thought that visiting the put-in for a river trip would bring back so many great memories of our trip 18 years ago? During the evening Linda and I reminisced about the trip and how much of an epic experience it was for us. The sight of watch Navajo Bridge disappear as you head downriver, to becoming a Colorado River Chuckwalla (CW, Remember, Mike Wassmuth?) were memories etched in our minds. We hope that Beth and John get equally awesome memories on their trip.

Morning drifted in and Linda did her usual 100-mile run. Kobi and I had coffee. I like creamer, Kobi prefers his black. Linda got back and I fixed breakfast and then we packed some water into the Jeep and made sure Kobi was comfortable. Then we were off.
We drove up the road and looked at the Vermillion Cliffs area, stopped for some photos at cool rocks and then went off road on a Jeep trail. This trail took us out a few miles where we could stop and hike to the rim of Marble Canyon. We walked cross country until we were at the rim of a wash (it is below Badger Creek Rapid and above Soap Creek Rapid) and we could see the Colorado River at the bottom.  It was quite high and made a good viewpoint. If we had taken more time we would have been able to hike to the edge where it dropped into Marble Canyon, but we had other plans and had to hike back.

Stinky Jeep took us back over the dust and we drove to the Navajo Bridge where you can look down on the Colorado and if lucky, see your friends pass under you. We arrived on the bridge as John and Beth’s group rounded the bend upriver. There was also a pair of California Condors flying around and so we think we were about as lucky as we could get.  The birds flew and the boats drifted down towards us.  We had a bit of a hard time identifying that it was the right group, but we are saying it is until they can tell us for sure that it was them.

Thought I found a Geocache.
We took a ton of photos of the boats but only got one shot that turned out of the condors. After Beth and John floated below our vista, we climbed into the Jeep and drove back towards the launch and hiked into the Lonely Dell Ranch, where we looked around and took pictures.

Back at our camp we ate lunch and played with Kobi. Our next day takes us to the south rim of the Grand Canyon so we spent some time getting packed for that leg of the journey.
Turned out to be 20 pesos and a rock.

Colorado River in Marble Canyon.
A pair of California Condors
Beth and John's group.
The truck for our next camper!

Team Chuckwalla!

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