Tuesday, April 26, 2016

And We Went Home

In the last post, there were really nice pictures of the dunes with the sun out, blue skies, etc. Shortly after that the wind came up. It blew and blew. We stayed inside most of the day and when we went out we had to put rocks in our pockets to keep from blowing away.

On Tuesday morning, we got up and packed. We then drove on through Boise, planning to camp for a couple days on the Salmon River.

It was a beautiful drive and after we left the Boise valley, the wind went away. We stopped at Ridley's Grocery Store in McCall and bought some road food. Apple Fritters are one of the foods we measure a bakery by. We bought two huge apple fritters and found them to be the best we have ever eaten. They were wonderful! Each one weighed in at almost a ton and the cake was mixed with cinnamon and apples so that each bite was marvelous. We drove on and they were gone in two minutes.

The road took us through New Meadows and up over the pass, finally winding down on to the Salmon River. We enjoyed the change of scenery and found a nice camp spot at Slate Creek and got all set up.

When I tried to start the refrigerator it wouldn't fire. We tried everything to get it to work. We changed the propane tanks and used different hoses and connectors. I tried it all.  We were a bit put out, but we decided that it would be best, this close to home, to just move on and get home a couple days early.

We arrived home at about 6:20 PM and Kobi settled right in. We were happy to be in our house and are starting to plan our next outing; once we fix the refrigerator, that is.

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