Friday, January 15, 2016

La Manzanilla Por Cinco

Thursday rolled around and our plans to go over to La Manzanilla for a beach day had a little hitch.  Linda was not feeling well all night and so when time came to meet Jill, Barry, Iris and Dennis, Linda had to bow out. It was very sad for both of us because she loves the beach and I don’t like leaving her home when she is not well.

Our little group rented Leone’s van and drove over the hill to the little town on the big bay.  We parked at Pedro’s Tacos and set up our day camp right in the middle of the shade. As usual, Pedro was all about service and smiles. He is such a great business man.

Using this as our home for the day we played cards, swam, read, ate, drank, walked, ate, played Farkle, talked, ate. Did I say we ate and drank?  It seemed that whenever there was a food mistake from the kitchen our group volunteered to eat it. What a sacrifice!

I took the GoPro and went out swimming. Not many fish and I found it hard to control where I was pointing as I swam with my two feet and one hand.  It was fun and I was able to make a short very boring video of the event.

We were back in Melaque by 5 PM and when I got home Linda was doing much better. I downloaded the pictures and video and showed them to her. We laughed at the number of pictures I took. Without Linda there, I guess I don’t take as many pictures as I usually do.

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