Thursday, January 07, 2016

Kings in Smoke

Five of our friends arrived today and we met up with them to watch the sunset.  After the show, we walked with Jill, Barry and Karen into town and down to the square for some food. As we sat waiting for our drinks a huge gathering of 4x4s, motorcycles and scooters took over the street, revving their engines and spewing exhaust. After about ten minutes a truck arrived that was decorated up with twinkle lights and sparkles.  In the back were three men dressed as the three kings from the bible.

The truck made its way into the 4x4s and the parade began. Candy and gifts were tossed out of the truck by the three wise men and a throng of children soon surrounded the vehicle. The parade wound around the square, the noise and exhaust was amazing! Then it was over. 

We ordered dinner and ate in relative quiet. The only excitement after the parade came when Linda realized she had lost all our money. Her little money wallet was nowhere in her bag and she panicked. We looked through all our pockets and bags and finally I spotted the wallet lying on the ground. It must have fallen out when she took her glasses out to read the menu. The excitement of losing our money was over. We ate and then went shopping. Pretty much a normal night in Melaque.

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