Saturday, January 02, 2016

2015 into 2016

My last post showed some photos of Holly, Ryan and kids. It was hard to see them leave, they were so full of energy and such fun to do things with.  They went from here to San Diego and then on to the freezing, but beautiful snows of Coeur d'Alene.

Our days are filled with walks and rest. This week we walked to Barra with Bill and Teri Burch who joined us in Melaque last weekend. The Burches are usually up for any kind of adventure be it food or fun (ask them about their swim in the ocean - could have been way worse, but they are gonna be sore for awhile).

We checked out the playa which is under repair after the hurricane damage. As we walked we had to navigate through the cut in the playa where the lagoon had been set free. When the lagoon gets too full the water is released into the ocean so that the streets don't get flooded with overflow. Also, the surfers release the lagoon because it cuts through the sand and moves this sand into the bay where it creates a surf break. The break provides some good surf waves. This type of release is controversial because the lagoon needs to be filled for all ecosystems to work properly. All the surfers think about is getting a good ride and not what it is doing to the wetlands up above the playa.

 It was market day in Barra and just after the new year so the place was packed. Nice to see so many people in town spending their money.

Speaking of the new year, we spent a low-key evening cooking a wonderful marlin dinner. After we ate our fill we joined our neighbors on the beach for a bonfire, where we watched the fireworks and sent globos up into the sky over the Bay of Navidad. At one point there were over thirty of the silent little space ships glowing over the water. It was a wondrous spectacle, something we will never forget.

This is Saturday and tomorrow the Burches fly out to the wilds of Idaho and we move out of Casa Rosa. Our home for the next two months will be the little bungalow at Casa Grande. This will be a new chapter in our story; a new perspective.  Looking forward to the change. Happy new year to all, and thank you for being a part of our lives!

They are rebuilding the damage caused by Patrica.
Bricks, bricks and more bricks!

And then I said "smile!"
A visitor to our yard.

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