Thursday, December 03, 2015

Switching Gears

Once a year we settle into a completely different routine. Yesterday we made our way down to Casa Rosa in Melaque, Mexico. The trip down was nothing exciting. Leaving home at 2:30 AM (PST) and arriving at our doorstep at 5:30 PM (CST).

Oh, what a change in temperatures! We left in a slight snow, probably about 28 degrees and arrived in a very humid 89 degrees.  It was instant perspiration!

It took us forever to enter Mexico, I think they are taking security seriously in their own Mexican way.

Our taxi ride was nothing, the driver must have been getting off work because he sat back and cruised slowly to Big Pink at # 1 Reforma.

We got into the house and put a few things away and then walked to the beach where we met Beth and John, joining the sunset regulars watching Dec. 2 sink into the ocean. Almost all our friends from Las Palmas (the casa next door) were in attendance. It was good to see them again.

Once the sun dipped out of sight the four of us walked into town to a beach bar called The Albatross, where we toasted Mexico with some cold drinks. We were tired, but just being in this place brought us back to life.

Our traditional dinner stop called to us and we walked the four blocks and found a table on the street. My guess is that we have eaten at Buen Gusto for our first night's dinner the past fifteen years. They never fail to provide a great, inexpensive meal. Once dinner was over we walked back to Casa Rosa and passed out in bed. Our long day was over.

The pattern for our days began the next morning with breakfast, volleyball, grocery shopping and afternoon siestas. It's going to be hard, but switching gears will take a bit of time. We're up for it, though!

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