Saturday, December 12, 2015

Quick Post

John and Beth met us at the beach near the restaurant formerly known at Sr. Froy's. Our plan was to have a drink there and then find a place to have dinner. It turned out to be the opening night for the restaurant that filled Sr. Froy's palapa (new name - Garcia's). It was filled with reserved seats and flocks of gray-haired snowbirds were drifting into position. At this point in out lives, we still consider ourselves much younger snowbirds, kind of snowchicks. The ten to fifteen-year age gap between the 60ish age era that we come from and the older groups era is very apparent. Their music, beliefs, their conversations are noticeably different, thus when they gather, we tend to move on, and so we did.

Papa Gallo's was close so we wandered down there and had a couple drinks. The weather had been changing and there was a wonderful, cool breeze coming off the ocean. Rain had been predicted and as we sat and talked it arrived, sprinkles first followed by a continuous mild shower. We finished our drinks and Beth and John decided to ride home. Linda and I chose to stay in town for dinner.

Over the past week, we both had passed a new small restaurant on the main street towards the far west end of Melaque. That street, Valentina Gomez, is considered the main east-west street in the downtown area.  Bertha's Resturant had drawn our attention several times as a clean, quaint little family eating establishment. We wandered over and found a table, out of the rain, under a large umbrella.

Immediately we noticed the homey feeling of the place. An older fellow playing a small xylophone was tucked away from the rain, just inside the restaurant's doorway. Quiet music filled the background as we looked over the menus.

The food choices were very normal with the usual tacos, enchiladas, and other street foods. One entire side of the menu consisted of fish and seafood items, but neither of us felt like we wanted fish tonight. Linda chose tacos and I decided on chile rellenos.

Our server arrived and took our food and drink order. What a caring and thoughtful person! We totally enjoyed the experience of our dinner on the street. The food was good, but we both agreed that we have had better. The service made the meal and the background music gave the whole setting a lost in Mexico feel. In the end, we decided we would try it again sometime.

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