Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Lump

Kobi had a lump removed from his backside today.  As you can see the area had to be trimmed a bit before the surgery. TRIMMED A BIT! Oh my gosh, they shaved the entire rear area. I guess that's OK because the Dr. said he would have to make a four-inch incision in order to get the lump out. He only had to cut it three inches. So the poor boy has that going for him.

We noticed the lump when we returned from Mexico last spring. It felt like a tick and even had the look of one.  After figuring out that it wasn't a tick we left it alone and in about two months it grew a bit of a head and felt like it might be an ingrown hair.  We left it and watched it.

In early summer, we went to the Vet and he checked Kobi over saying "Let's watch it."  So we did and it grew. Kobi went about the process of having a couple other problems that needed meds and so when we reached a time that he was off meds and operable, it was a big lump.

$500 dollars later we have our boy home and as you can see in his eyes. he is pretty much out of it. We are so glad to have him home, now we wait for the biopsy results.

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Al Dee Sollinger said...

I will no longer complain of my bad haircuts.....

Poor guy.