Monday, September 07, 2015

Last Minute Decision

We spent the last month trying to decide if we wanted to go up to Priest Lake and stay with the Anderson clan at Indian Creek campground. Two week ago we finally said no we wouldn't be going up. Two days before the departure date Rayelle called and suggested that we look online to see if there were spots available and low and behold, we booked a site and started packing the camper.

Earl and Mike preparing breakfast.
On Friday morning we hit the road, Kobi did his usual pissed off traveler routine and Linda settled into her spot, map in hand. Two hours later we were in our camp spot and settled.  At 3 PM, Earl, Lorraine and Julia arrived in their motor coach. Rayelle and Mike were not far behind and so our camp group was set up and ready.

We spent the evening talking and cooking dinner. Each night we met in Earl and Lorraine's RV and talked until we were ready to go to bed.

While we were up there I had the opportunity to go out fishing on Earl's boat.  We fished for lake trout and silvers, but in the two trips out were able to catch only one lake trout. It was a small one so we returned it to its home.

During the weekend, it rained off and on. The temperatures were well below normal, but we all hoped it was providing relief for all the wildfires located throughout the west.

On Sunday, Rayelle's family visited, Linda and I gave them some time together and we played cards, walked and stayed close to the camper. After dinner, we met back at the RV and talked and laughed.

Monday morning we went out on the second fishing trip.  When we returned everyone packed up, Linda had packed up everything for us so we were ready to go in no time.

We said our goodbyes and thanked everyone for the weekend.  It was a great time and we were glad we made the decision to join the Anderson's annual event.
Eggs, over any way they lit.
The fishing crew.

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