Thursday, August 27, 2015

Part 2 - Denman Island, BC

The Beach House
Leaving Westport at 4:37 AM we scampered up highway 8 and hit I-5. Our hopes were to get through Tacoma and then Seattle without getting stuck in traffic. As it turned out we flew through all the sticking points, including the border. We hit the ferry terminal in Tsawwassen (the T is silent) about three hours before our reservation on the ship.  When we checked in we asked if we could catch an earlier sailing  and with no hesitation they told us we were all set to go on the next sailing.

It was a beautiful crossing and we immediately drove off the ship and into Nanaimo to get supplies. Chicken in Canada, and especially on Vancouver Island, is expensive. We took a loan out and bought the chicken, loaded up on other necessities and headed out to find Denman Island.

Looking at The Beach House From the beach.
Our route took us up the coast, on A-19 the coastal highway.  When we hit the ferry terminal to cross over to the island we got in line and a few minutes later our friends Dean and Raina arrived. It was fun seeing them and we were excited to get to The Beach House and see Bridget and Dennis.

We all gathered at The Beach House and started laughing.  Our evening was filled with exploring the new place, eating and laughing. Let the fun begin!

Morning came and went with everyone doing their own thing.  Island exploration took up the rest of the day; we filled two cars and drove to the ferry over to Hornby Island.

Interior of The Beach House.
Bridget and Dennis led us across the island stopping once at a bakery where we looked around and bought some goodies. I had a great cinnamon roll and Linda had her usual chocolate chip cookie. I think it is her goal in life to find the best chocolate chip cookie in the world.

Dennis the fruit fly exterminator.
We left the bakery behind and drove over to Helliwell Provincial Park where we hiked a loop that took us right along the coast.  When we started the hike we ran into a group of hikers who were so excited they had to stop us and show us their videos and photos. They had just witnessed a pod of orca feeding on seals just off the shoreline.  We looked at their captured images and were amazed. One of the videos was taken with a cell phone and it showed the orca feeding so close to shore that you would never have guessed it was a phone video.  We were so excited, but the hikers said that the pod had moved on and we were just a bit late.

All the way over to the point we joked about missing a National Geographic moment because I had to have a cinnamon roll! The hike was beautiful and even though we didn’t get to see orcas eating seals, we had a great time.

We retraced our tracks back to Denman Island and took a loop drive around the island. We stopped at Tom Dennis’s pottery studio and then drove out to Bridget’s cousin’s home where we explored her amazing property.

Coffee on the beach.
Back at The Beach House we ate dinner and continued laughing until we had to go to bed. Our journey would continue in the early morning and we needed to try to get some rest.

We left the island on the first ferry; Bridget sent us off with hugs and waves. Both vehicles had great ferry spots on the two crossings and that made getting off the island much more interesting. During the crossing from Duke Point back to Tsawwassen, we had a very expensive breakfast together while we gazed out the front of the vessel.

Dean and Raina disembarked the ferry first, so we followed them to the US border.  Each vehicle picked a lane and soon Linda and I were moving through the system quickly and efficiently. We left the Weyens behind driving south following I-5.

The trip to Hornsby Island.
On the return trip we took I-5 to 405 and then took a left onto I-90.  Dean and Raina took I-5 to Everett then hit Hwy 2 through Leavenworth and finally connecting with Hwy 97 down to I-90. Once they hit Vantage they cut southeast on Hwy 26 and followed that home.

We had a wonderful trip! It was fun connecting with Don and Caroline in Westport and then venturing on island to rediscover the beauty of the BC islands.  We can’t wait for another invitation to invade either of the two coastal retreats. 

Ferry fun with Bridget and Raina.
A little yard work.
"I think they have cell coverage al the way to here."
"They do!"
The sight of the Orca feeding frenzy we missed due to cinnamon roll.
Sailing the Streight of Georgia.

Watchful seals, orcas gone.
Island tour selfie.

View from Bridgets cousins home.

Statues at the entrance of the new cemetery.

The three evils.

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