Thursday, April 02, 2015

US and More

It's Thursday morning and I finally have a moment to get things wrapped up a bit.  We left the condo at San Jose del Cabo around 12:30 PM and arrived in Spokane at about 11:30 PM. During that time, we had one flight canceled so we had to stand in many lines and go through security many times, but we made it.

Last photo from our four months in Mexico.
We slept in our bed for the first time in four months and boy was it nice!  I would say it was a little cold, but the comfort level was stellar.

Morning coffee was interrupted by a phone call from our neighbor.  Jody had slipped and fallen down the stairs in their house and broken her ankle. We helped stabilize it and took her to the emergency room. She was met by family and today she has surgery.

After that, we had some mail confusion that sent us to the post office to see if the missing months worth was there. We found the mail at the neighbors, both Steve and I had misunderstood each other.

Went to Linda's mom and dad's, they were happy to see us but Linda's dad was not happy that she lost 22 pounds while in Mexico.  You can't win, can you dear.

This morning, Thursday, I have the camper ready to go down to Eugene Oregon to pick up our dog Kobi. We are excited to get Kobi back, but are not really looking forward to the eight-hour drive down to visit.  I feel a slight cold coming on due to the huge change in temperatures from Mexico to Idaho.

I would say we are back to a somewhat normal life.

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