Sunday, April 05, 2015

Picking Up Kobi

The only task we had scheduled for the first week back from Mexico was to get thr truck camper ready and then drive to Eugene, Oregon and pick up Kobi. It was a bit of a job, but the reward of seeing our dog again was pretty strong.
We left Post Falls on and drove down through the Tri-Cities stopping for the night at Memaloose State Park. The next morning we finished off the drive and arrived at Diane and Al Dee's just before noon.
It had been four months since we had sent our dog away with his second family. We were anxious because we wondered if he would remember us or not. As we backed into their driveway, Kobi came flying out the door and into Linda's arms. He remembered us!  Al Dee said that as soon as Kobi heard the truck pull up he started getting excited. We hugged our dog and then our family and Kobi ran puppy circles around all of us!
Kobi was our focus for the afternoon and when Diane came home we focused on her. LOL  No we actually went out to dinner in Eugene and had a great time with everyone.

On Saturday, we took a drive out to the Cascade Raptor Center and checked out all the rescued birds. The center is very nice and they have done a great job of providing injured birds of prey a home to live out their days.

Family photo with the GoPro.
Linda and Kenyon duel with light sabers.
Another GoPro photo.
We went to Voo Doo Doughnuts, yummmm.
Two boxes?

Voo Doo bacon maple bar,
Cascade Raptor Center.

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