Thursday, February 05, 2015

Fishing - No Happy Faces

Leaving under full moon. 
Yesterday I went out fishing with the boys from Casa Grande. John Marie and Ramon part of the group that rents the various bungalows at the Grande. The trip was planned as a tuna trip but because the tuna were way out we stuck to the rocks and fished for dorado.  We were with another captain, this fellow has been used by Jon Marie and the group several times.  He is a close friend of Jerry, the captain I use, and he kept in contact with him all day.
We went west up past  Playa Tenacatita and fished.  Our one dorado strike was classic.  The fish hit hard, ran and then jumped. In the air it looked left and then right, throwing the hook at the last second. I watched the entire thing. It was like in slow motion.

With no strikes along the rocks we went out into the blue water and started dragging for sailfish and marlin.  We had a marlin follow us and it jumped twice but it looked like it hit our bate with it's nose and came out of the water with no take.
That was it for the day.  No fish.
Real and John Marie in the front of the boat.

Real and Ramon discuss the lack of fish!
A view of Jerry's boat.
The restoring the playa project in Barra.
Placing the sand in Barra.

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