Friday, February 20, 2015

Day at La Manzanilla

Barry and Jill picked us up at 10:00 AM, we had rented Leone's car, our destination was La Manzanilla for a beach day.  The day was perfect with clear skies and light winds. Berry drove and I rode shotgun. Our journey was uneventful.

We parked for the day a Pedro's Tacos and got the best beach table we could.  I ate breakfast as Linda and Jill went shopping. The rest of the day was spent relaxing and talking.

We have two friends who own a beach house in the middle of the La Manz right on the water. I had heard through the coconut telegraph that they were down in the area now so I took a stroll down the beach to try and find their place.  I talked to several people who directed me to a scraggly haired realtor who they said knows everyone in town. I introduced myself and asked if he knew where Steve Wetzel lived. He took a drag on his cigarette stub, exhaled the smoke across his yellow teeth and said "Yeah, look for Casa Tortuga!" I thanked him and headed back u the street.

I found Casa Tortuga and noted that it was closed up so I talked to a neighbour.  The gentleman knew Steve and after a bit of who's who and where you from, he said that the Wetzels would be down in March. I asked if I could leave them a note and he said that he would make sure they got it. Thus, my hunt was over and my days work was done.

Beach fishing at its best!
I walked back to Pedro's and read my book. Halfway through the day Larry, Maggie, Max and his family arrived for a day at the beach.  The two little girls had a blast and everyone enjoyed their smiles and chatter.

We ate and drank while watching the beach world go by.  Late afternoon we loaded up and drove back to Melaque.  Another great day in the books.

A Torro pulled in via hand line.

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