Monday, January 05, 2015

The New Digs

It only took one trip in the Frog, Larry's truck, to haul all our stuff over to our new casita at The Casa Grande. The move in was relatively painless and we were pleasantly surprised that it was a bit larger then we remembered.

When we were staying in the lot next door and at the same time deciding to rent the casita for the next year; we were able to check out the room for to help make our decision.  I remember that it was a very brief, in and out, visit and we both proceeded to forget what the space looked like. All we remembered was that it was clean and neat.

A year later we are moved in getting to know the space.  When you walk in the door there is a counter on the wall to your left. This counter wraps around the corner of the room butting up against the refrigerator. The counter consists of a sink and gas stove with space for a brand new microwave. We are provided with basic plastic dishes, some pots and pans, and various utensils for our use.

After the refrigerator there is a double corner shelf with a TV on it.  We use the lower shelf for storing some of our food items. Rounding the corner you come to a table with two chairs.

Finally on the wall across from the refrigerator and stove, on the right wall as you walk in, is a wooden couch with lots of pillows.  The entire space is about 13' x 13', so we will not be able to practice our Dancing with the Stars free style routine.

The bedroom is roughly the same size as the living space with a small matrimonial bed, a single bed, another wooden couch, and a wardrobe. The matrimonial bed is smaller then a queen bed but larger then a single.  We gave me this bed because the single was so small I hung over the end by about six inches.  This bed I am in is a bit wider and longer by three inches so my overhang is less.  Linda is in the single bed and I hope it will work out for her.

We had just enough room to fold and hang our cloths in the wardrobe and once that was done we placed the suitcases up on top out of our way.

Our bathroom is what they call a wet bath in the RV world.  There is a shower, a toilet and a sink. The shower is separated from the sink by a small curtain. That is about all I can say about that.

Since we are accustom to living in our camper, a small space, we are adept at moving about without infringing on each others space. This little casita will work out very nicely and I think we will enjoy our months near the lagoon.
View from our front door. Yes, two pools!
Lunch on the upper level.


Holly Edwards said...

Love the casita! Makes me miss Mexico. Did you find any comfortable furniture there?

Dean said...

Holly, no there are still no comfortable chairs in Mexico.