Friday, January 02, 2015

The Days Go By

The days down here in Mexico go by fast. We have developed a bit of a routine, but there will be a little change in the next two days.  We are staying in Casa Rosa, the Pink House, at this time but we will soon move to the east to our next casa located on the laguna.  Our small room will be located on the second floor of a complex called the Casa Grande.  On Sunday we will move and I will post a little about the new location then.

For now our routine is as follows. Linda gets up early and either takes a run or a walk. I sleep in.  We have found that we don’t sleep well until after the house cools down, so sleeping in gives me the rest I look forward to each night.  Once I wake up we fix breakfast and get on line to check the news in the states and our local area.  We check email and Facebook.  It keeps us connected. 

After that we do some shopping or go for a walk.  At 11:00 am we wander over to Las Palmas next door and play some volleyball.  Volleyball is like a religion for some of the people down here. It is our link to the friends we have met and it allows us the opportunity to make dinner arrangements or plans for special events. Volleyball is a fun way to exercise and visit at the same time. Visiting is secondary to the play and heaven forbid that you would slow down the play of the game to hold a brief discussion of anything beyond “what is the score?”

After volleyball ends and we get everything back in order around the pool, we secure plans for the evening and mosey on home.  Lunch is our next task and we generally eat something small at the house.

Afternoon is the time we relax around the place. We usually catch up on writing or computer work at this time.  On Thursdays Linda goes across the street and plays Mexican Train, a dominos game, with all the ladies from the friend circle.  At that time I wander around town or go and play cribbage with the guys.

Sundown comes around 6:00 pm so we meet everyone down on the beach and watch the sun set.  If plans were made for dinner we group up and then walk into town to eat.
We are back at the house each night by 9:20 pm. Usually, before we go to bed, we take a swim and cool down. We read and drift off to sleep.

That is our routine down here in Melaque. We change it up by going shopping or doing various side trips. It is a bit hard to explain this place.  I have had to keep telling myself that we are not on vacation; we are living down here to avoid the cold weather up in Idaho.  Being on vacation and seasonal living are very different processes.   My vacation self says that I have to try to be doing something all the time, enjoying the exploration and getting the most out of my time. Seasonal living means I just need to relax and try not to spend as much money as I do while on vacation. I also don’t have to be doing stuff all the time. Just enjoy the moment and let time pass.

New Years Eve
The weather in Melaque is what I consider perfect for seasonal living.  Every day is beautiful. The temperature is consistent; it hovers in the high 80’s in the day and then drops into the 70’s at night.  We seldom see rain and have only experienced hot humid temperatures a few times. I don’t think we could find a nicer area this time of the year. 

I know that my posts don’t come as often as when we are traveling or exploring. The nature of this blog has been to keep track of our adventures and not to bore you with our daily ramblings.  We have a few new things forming on the horizon, moving to our new digs on the laguna, a possible trip to see the annual Monarch butterfly migration at the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve near Morelia, and then our journey over to the Cabo area.  Until then we are just relaxing Mexico style!

Larry and Maggie
On his way to 2015!

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