Sunday, January 11, 2015


One of our favorite things about the stay in Melaque has been our adventures watching the Seattle Seahawks play during the post season.  We look around town and find a spot that has every game and this becomes our location for the afternoon or evening.

If you are able to find a place with the game it is probably being broadcast over Canadian satellite  networks. Canadian TV shows the game like it is produced in the US, but the commercials are the huge difference.  Canada has five commercials and they show them over and over. We watched a GMC Christmas commercial played so often that we could replete the script word for word. There is a very stupid Wendy's commercial that, by the end of the game, caused me to want to commit hari kari. The Corona commercial about the beach was on so many times you knew exactly what and when the words would appear on the screen.  By the end of the game it was almost painful to watch.

We have stayed home and watched several of the games. Not having satellite at the house everything is in Spanish which make the game a lot less exciting. The only thing you can catch is when Russell Wilson does something good and the commentator says "Ruuhsallle Wheeelsoone!" (phonetically spelled.) This happens so often that it has been suggested that we play a drinking game and chug whenever we here it.

Watching at the bar the bar the chairs that are available are not made for a two hour football game. Your butt sweats, your back hurts, it usually very warm and crowded so that adds to the discomfort. Last night I moved in my chair and it broke. Yes, I broke the chair! That is the second plastic chair I have broken while we have been in Mexico. Jack, the owner of the bar, made very little on me last night due to this unpredicted expense.

The crowds are very diverse but most people are rooting for Seattle. Last night there were a few Carolina fans but they were so outnumbered that they kept quiet the entire game.

We have our superstitions, we never leave before the game ends. I wear the same shirt and pants to the game. I always have a hamburger during the game. Above all else we never do a "Holly Edwards" and mention that the Hawks have the game in the bag, no matter the score or time remaining. Holly will never live down the time she said "I think we can go the Seahawks should win this!" and they ended up losing and being put out of the play-offs.

Next week we will be back at The Bar Social watching the next game for the Hawks. Everyone says they are Superbowl bound, but I can't openly say that. I don't want to put a jinx on the boys this close to their goal.
Marshawn Lynch scores another one!

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