Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Photos From the Past Couple Days

The past several days we have been under the effect of some storms off the coast of Melaque. The sunset pictures took place a couple nights ago after a day of clouds, small showers and double rainbows! 

Last night we all bused over to Barra to watch the sunset from the Hotel la Alondra rooftop bar. The first photo is looking back at Melaque. You can see the lagoon and the breach in the sand dike. The water rushed out of the lagoon and caused sand to build up, which in turn caused the ocean waves to provide good boogie boarding and skim boarding.

We have had the lagoon breach twice this year. It happens all the time, but we have never been down when it has happened. Fishing in Melaque Bay gets real good when the lagoon water washes junk into the salt water.
The sand dam has broke and the lagoon is going down.
Our group at the rooftop bar at the Hotel la Alondra.
Ah, sunset!

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