Thursday, January 08, 2015

Let's Go Shopping!

Barry and Leigh Vincent grabbed us after volleyball today and asked if we needed anything from Manzanillo today, or better yet, do we want to go to Manzanillo today.  Sticking to my policy of never turning down a chance to ride around and look at Mexico, we accepted the invitation.

We drove directly, well kind of directly, to Manzanillo making only three u-turns in the process.  Our first u-turn re-directed us back onto the highway and up to a highway overlook that gave us a great view of the bay around the port of Manzanillo.  I had conserved on equipment to carry and only brought my phone camera, but the shots will give you an idea what the area looks like.

After the photo opportunity we drove to a electronics store named Steren.  This is the Mexico equivalent of Radio Shack. While I stood and looked around I could feel my friend, Justin Van Eaton, was shaking his head and looking mortified. With Justin, even mentioning the words "Radio Shack" would bring scorn and a short lecture.

Linda in Ste#&%*. (For Justin)
Barry and Leigh exchanges some electronic connection equipment that they had purchased for their neighbor Yogi, and we were back on the road to find lunch at a place called Godzilla Burger.

When we arrived at the Burger joint, it was closed.  The owner met us and explained that Wednesday was their catch up day. Scratching our heads thinking that Wednesday was an odd day to be closed,we loaded into the car and drove to a sandwich shop near the Walmart on the main drag.

In the shop we ordered and within minutes our waiter returned and we had to completely change three out of four sandwich orders.  It seemed like Wednesdays were the days when all lunch stops were out of everything. They had no provolone cheese and no tortillas for wraps. Wait a minute, no tortillas in Mexico? That's a first.  After much pointing and conferring, our waiter knew no English, we had our new orders in and being prepared.  The meals arrived and we enjoyed the lunch.

We shopped at Walmart followed by Sam's Club, and Soriana. We bought all the items we have been using regularly saving us big pesos in the process.  It is sure fun to get out of our little town and see what life in the big city is like.  I prefer our little town but really enjoyed the change.

We were back in Melaque just after sunset. Leigh and Barry helped us unload our treasures. It is always so much fun to travel with those two, they enjoy every moment of their adventures. We talk and laugh as we maneuver on the roads and through the traffic.

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Jodi said...

Shhhhh, don't tell me I was 40 minutes (60 if you are not from Mexico) from the evil influence of the Walton family when I was in quaint Melaque.