Friday, January 30, 2015

Last Night Tacos - and Then...

Iris and Dennis were heading back to Washington on Friday and so we went on a rampage down in the center of town. The rampage consisted of tamales, tacos, bacon wrapped hot dogs, crepes, ice cream bars, and ice cream scoops! It was a Mexican street eat event beyond all imagining. 

I must make this one thing clear, we all didn't eat everything I just mentioned. During the course of the evening each of us chose different street foods and thus our rampage selection was created.

The first stop was for tamales and oh my gosh they were amazing!  I have never eaten a better tamale in my life. Each one was moist and flavorful. There was not to much batter to eat through and the filling had such a great flavor! My mouth waters thinking about them. Hey Rob Caldwell, they cost 80 cents each and two would fill you up! Do the math.

Street tacos at Pedro's!
To die for!
We walked the town and ended at Casa Rosa playing a game called Farkle.

Then it happened. Turn the clock back to the morning before the rampage. I woke up at the usual time but for some reason my lower back was feeling a little stiff.  I have had stiffness in that lower area before, so I did a little stretching and ignored it.  We went and played volleyball and during the game I felt like I couldn't move very well so I got out and watched.  Later we sat and watched the sunset and then walked downtown for the rampage.  By the time I got home to bed my back was tired!

During the middle of the night I got up to go to the bathroom and zap, I had a ripping pain through a muscle in my lower back. I crawled back to bed and tossed and turned. The next morning I could not stand! My back was a mess.  It was so weird. I didn't feel anything until I got up to my feet and then all hell broke loose. I laid in bed and Linda went into care mode and put on her nurses hat.

We put ice on and I took ibuprofen and went to sleep.  Linda rounded up some muscle relaxants from Tom one of the members of the coconut telegraph and we went into rehab mode.  I laid in bed all day and night, not moving.

Today my back is getting better. I am up and about for short times and I have had a little walk and a shower.  I have to admit I was a bit nervous about having a back problem down here.  I have sworn to Linda that I am going to take it easy and not rush the rehab. Then once I get better I want to change things a bit and exercise more.

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