Monday, January 12, 2015

Last Fishing Till La Rabera

Dennis with a bonita, Tom and Jerry are not impressed.
Jerry picked us up a 6:30 am exactly. Once we were in the boat and out into the bay, we headed west along the coast where we started fishing just off Isla Tamarindo. (Lon/Lat 19.232684, -104.813254)

We were the first boat out there but that didn't last long. During the day we caught two bonito and tossed them back.We hooked and landed two dorado and one rainbow runner.  I have never seen a rainbow runner but Jerry says the they can get very large and are nice eating.  The runner 
has a real nice rainbow across it's side, it looks a lot like a rainbow trout with the tail of a tuna.  I will let you know how it tastes.

We spent the entire day out around the rocks and we caught our dorados in about an hour time period.
Dennis's rainbow runner, another new fish to taste.

During the day we saw a pod of whales off in the distance but that was about all the excitement we had other than fishing.
Barry waiting for a strike.

At home we had a big fish feed and enjoyed the company of the Pink House-ers. 

Today's catch!

Fish lips.

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