Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Update and Day Four of Fishing

Our Monday walk to Barra.
I can not believe that it has been two weeks since we got here but it a has! Today our neighbors Jodi and Steve leave for home along with John and Loretta Sutherland. They fly out on the same plane and will leave us in the Pink House without guest for a while.

Monday the four Pink House occupants walked to Barra and looked around there.  The town was quiet. When we made our way to the malecon and the first thing we noticed was the reconstruction of the beach area that has taken place the last year.  When the hurricane took out most of the beach they brought in experts to try and stop the erosion of the malecon area.  We have photos posted of the area from last years past and the ones posted below can be compared to see what has been done. In my opinion, when the Ocean wants to break through the malecon it will and man can not stop it.

Yesterday Steve, John and I went fishing with Jerry again.  We had six fish strike at our lures over the course of the day, but only one sail fish hooked up for a fight.  Steve was in the batters box and got to fight it in to the boat.  It was a nice fish!
Here fishy fishy.

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