Saturday, December 06, 2014

South of the Border

Well we are settled into the house in Melaque,  Mexico. Everyone asks about Kobi before they ask about us.  He has many friends in this town.  

Our flights took about 55 minutes longer then usual.  They had a sick person on board and we had to wait for them to assess the threat. He sat just in front of me so if we get sick Linda is going to be very mad.

When we left home the area was stuck in the middle of a big ice storm and we had to drive real slow to get to the airport.  Daren had volunteered to drive us and when he hit the house all he said was "It's slick!" Took forever but we were on time.  The Journey down started at 2:30 am and we ended at ended at 2:30 pm our time.  12 hours, mostly sitting in the plane. But compared to last year it was much shorter. 

Back in the Pink House everything is about the same. A new coat of paint inside and out, but all in all, nothing changes much.  We arrived and were greeted by Loretta and John, and Beth and John. 

Our taxi ride was classic Mexico. Linda made a decision to use some of our US currency for the taxi. They took us for about eight extra dollars for the ride to Melaque because of their exchange rate. The driver stayed about a foot off the bumper of every car or truck he caught up with. He drove about ten mile per hour over the speed limit which cut our drive time quite a bit. Normally tips are not required for taxi's, and since we lost an extra eight dollars Linda told me not to tip.  That was a bit difficult because the driver definitely wanted a tip. We felt bad but this was the most expensive taxi ride we have ever had.  We learned a bit of a lesson and only felt bad for a few minutes once the taxi left.

The three couples walked into town and had drinks at Bigotie's then walked into the city center and had dinner. By the time this was completed I was a walking zombie. We called it an evening and headed home.  Once home I put ear plugs in and went into the zone, I woke up at about 9 am today in a totally different frame of mind and world.

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