Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Second Day Fishing, Better

The old man fishing.
We have been in Mexico for almost a week but we haven’t gotten into a rhythm. I don’t know if we will get into the pattern until we move to the small casa on the laguna. The Pink House is much louder due to the ocean and the echos that resonate off the interior walls.  The house is also very warm at night. The evening winds that cool the town come from up in the hills down to the water.  Old Pink is built to take advantage of the ocean views, not let cool breezes blow through, so the house stays warm lat into the night.

Yesterday Steve, John S. and I went fishing with Captain Jerry.  I have fished with Jerry many years and enjoy the trip out every time.  Jerry had the reputation of being the best guide in Melaque and if he can’t catch you fish, then they are not out there! 
Jerry with my wahoo.
The ocean was a bit rougher this time out and the wind was coming out of the south.  Jerry said this was very unusual and figured we may be in for a weather change.  Within the first hour and a half I hooked a nice wahoo and then about a half hour later Steve hooked a small dorado.   At this point we had done much better than our first trip out and so we had smiles all around.

Jerry then took out into the blue water to fish for marlin.  The rest of the day we churned along pulling our squid lures. At one point Jerry jumped to the fishing rods and said a sail fish was striking at the lure, but of course I saw nothing. 

By the end of the day that was all the action we saw. On the run in John hooked a small bonita that we tossed back but that was the end of our day.
Jerry and I with my wahoo.

Everyone gathered at the Pink House for a big fish meal that evening.  We cooked up the wahoo and dorado. This was our first experience at eating wahoo. I have to admit that it is one of the best fish I have ever had off the grill.  The meat is firm and had a bit of a sweeter flavor. There is a hint of fish flavor, but very little. I definitely understand why this fish is highly prized.

With the dishes cleaned up and put away everyone headed out. The Pink posse headed to bed, another day in Mexico behind them.
Steve and his dorado.
John caught a bonito, which we tossed back. 

Our kitchen filled with cooks.

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