Sunday, November 02, 2014

El fin está cerca!

Our new room's door was a tad short for me.
The last couple nights of our stay were very laid back. On Saturday night we went to a huge art gallery and roamed about rubbing elbows with the rich gringos. It was the place to be and we only stayed for about an hour.  There were some very beautiful art pieces that we were able to view but we didn't have an extra $10000, so we passed.

Linda and I came home early and started our packing.  Daren and Marcy were not far behind.

Oferenda at the art gallery.
Hobbit house that we found in the base of a tree.
I have never seen a pomegranate tree. There you go!
On Sunday we all walked to the big cemetery in San Miguel. Hundreds of people were visiting the resting place of friends and loved ones. The mood in the cemetery was a mixture of somber and happy. It is a little hard to explain. There were flowers everywhere and almost every grave was adorned is some fashion. Music was playing and at the same time Mariachi were playing songs a various graves. People were digging and cleaning up grave sites. Children were fetching water for plants and flowers. Priests were sitting, available for a blessing or simply to chat. Many families were sitting eating and chatting at their loved ones resting place. We were struck by the friendly open feeling throughout the grave yard.

After we walked through the area we went out and had some lunch. Linda and I went and did some final shopping and Daren and Marcy went the the Jardin and watched people. All of us returned to the casa and did our final packing for tomorrows long day of traveling.

Walking to lay flowers in the cemetery.

Marcy and Linda at lunch.

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