Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday's Art Walk

Artist doing a portrait during the festivities.
Another trip over the hill to La Manzanilla let us experience the 2014 Art Walk in all its glory. Our day started early so that we could get our chores completed in time to catch the 9:30 AM bus.  We walked Kobi and prepped for the day and were able to catch the bus before it got very crowded.  By the time we left Melaque the bus was packed so full they were turning away people.

We exited the bus and walked up to Jennifer and John McLeod's house where we met them and had a cool drink.  From there we all walked around La Manzanilla visiting the various homes where the art was being displayed.  The art was very good, but the real fun part was getting to look inside many of the houses in this seaside town.
Being cool at the walk.

After a couple hours we ended up at La Kasita a small restaurant where we rested and had lunch. It was very good food!  We were joined by two friends Ives and Manon. We all talked and ate and as we did it seemed like everyone we knew from Melaque came by and chatted.

At the end of the day we walked to a gallery where our friend Renaldo was selling his rugs. Renaldo was ready to leave and he invited all of us to ride back to Melaque with him.  We loaded up, four in front, Ives in the back of the truck laying out on rugs. The ride went very fast and once at Renaldo's rug store we walked back to our place and immediately hit the swimming pool. 

Loading up for the ride home.

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