Monday, January 27, 2014


Today I took a trip with the gang to a Mexican acequia, or communal irrigation canal on a banana plantation. Linda was under the weather and so I have to fend for myself on this adventure.

We loaded into Larry's truck and a couple of cars and ventured on the highway in the direction Manzanillo. Once we passed the road to Barra, we turned off the pavement and bumped our way along a small river bed until we reached a little oasis. 
On the drive into the oasis.

The water flows in and then out into the canals.
At this spot we found a palapa and a wonderful pool of water pumped directly from the aquifer. The system of irrigation canals feeds over six miles of banana trees, mango trees and coconut palms and this pool is the start of that journey.

Antonio, the owner of the Red Lobster Restaurant, is also owner and operator of a banana plantation. As a side venture he will provide you breakfast at the Red Lobster and then a day of refreshments, swimming and relaxing at this little oasis with a finale consisting of a late lunch of BBQ ribs or fish. You get all of this for 300 pesos.  

As you can see by the photos it was a very relaxing day. I felt bad that Linda wasn't with me, and even worse that she was not feeling well. 
Pump house and source of the cool water.
As happy as a pig...
The pool was 5 feet deep and the water was always moving.
They even set up a volleyball net for us!

Very cool how bananas grow.

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