Friday, January 17, 2014

Notes on Yesterday

1. Manzanillo is a large and very busy city. It still has many topes and you must slow down quite often.

2. Wall-mart, Home Depot and Sam's Club are just the same as in the US, except the pesos exchange makes everything look very expensive.

Taco stand where I left my backpack.
3. There are some great road side taco stands in Manzanillo area. Cuatro tacos are way too many.

4. Leaving your backpack with keys and camera in it is not a smart thing to do anywhere, especially at a taco stand in Mexico!

5. When you run four blocks back to find your backpack, which you left at a taco stand, after eating cuatro tacos, you stomach will feel extremely upset.
White pieces of paper on the plant I have been watering.

6. An evening swim will wash away much of your days troubles, but if you pick something up off the bottom of the pool, be ready so that you don't scream when find out it is a dead scorpion. (I think it was a manly shout, Linda has a different opinion.)

7. Finally, the little white things on the plant that you have been watering are probably flowers, not pieces of paper stuck in the leaf-pods.

Closer view of flowers after I tried to flick them off the plant.

1 comment:

Al Dee Sollinger said...

Quatro Tacos has a nice ring to it Dean.

I think the manly shout will be introduced into my regular vocabulary regarding unexpected outbursts.

Be safe. I am enjoying your posts.