Thursday, January 09, 2014

Notes on Power Struggle

Yesterday the electrician came back and replace the outlet at the point where we need power.  He then created an outlet at the breaker box using bigger wire. This was done so that the power would have a cleaner path to the camper.  He then went out to the meter and replaced all the guts in that unit. With all this we were able to have two hours of uninterrupted power to the camper and then there was a surge and it has been very erratic since.  Oh well, we made a decision that we don't actually need the camper on the power grid and so we are very happy running our lights and fans; recharging computers and tablets; and using the outlets for small power needs.  We are in Mexico you know!

Last night beach adventures...

Skim borders working the waves.
This is what I call a normal sunset.

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