Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Malecon Walk

There are high clouds today and for my afternoon adventure I decided to take a walk on the malecon behind our lot.  I wanted to see if people on the malecon could see our camp spot or not.  They can't see much of anything which makes us feel good.
From the malecon, over the laguna, looking at Barra.

This stone walkway runs along the laguna for about five blocks.  Just recently they have been cleaning it up and making repairs to the walking surface.  It is a very nice area, too bad it is as short as it is and that they let it get so run down so much before making repairs.

I took some bird shots and was able to capture a photo of a big Iguana.  The raptor looking bird is the one Linda calsl the "Maniacal Laughter Bird" because we do not know what it is and its call is like a maniac laughing. We will get with one of our friends and have him identify it for us. I'll let you know in a future post.

***Linda talked to our friend Bruce and found out the bird is a Snail Kite.

The Snail Kite.

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