Wednesday, January 01, 2014

First Day

Nappy New Year everyone!  Yep, it's real quiet around here after the new year.  We didn't do a lot on New Years Eve.  Kobi was on doggie downers and in his own world and we fixed dinner at home and then listened to the war of fireworks around town.  We didn't over party, but we also could not sleep very well. Thus the Nappy New Year!

Linda edited my last post and said it was a bit dark in content.  I guess I was feeling a bit down due to the rain.  Today is warmer but still threatening rain. Sorry if I wrote a downer.

We have heard from many of our friends and have enjoyed every message.  After today we will move the camper over to the Pink house and proceed to repack the items we have been using here.  Then on the 3rd we will move into the lot and set up our home. The Big Adventure will continue.

Below you will find the video of the making of Linda's Day of the Dead mask.  Remember this was Teri Burch's attempt to introduce Linda to a hobby. I helped a bit but not that much.

Hope you enjoy it!

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