Monday, January 06, 2014


Our home in for the next few months has been coming together, but not without trials.  The water to the place quit working yesterday morning and it took until today to get it going again. Every one around us said it was probably a city thing and not to worry. They also said that the longest they have been with out water has been five days.  I didn't smile about that.  

Tomorrow we check out the power issues.  We can work around not having power to the camper but it would really help if we had direct power into the distribution box.

With water in all the storage areas, we can make it about another week before we have to refill.  That makes us happy and we think we will be staying.  As you have read we have sat down several times and had heart to heart discussions about staying.  Each time we have said that if we can work this new problem out then we will stay.  Feels like we do this about every other day.

Tons of mud puddles.
On Sunday we took a break and rode our bikes over to the Grand Bay Hotel for breakfast.  There were about twelve of us total and it was a very nice gathering.  They serve up such a nice meal for everyone. I took some photos of the ride and event.  Hope you enjoy them.
Grand Bay and my favorite biker.

Dave and Rebecca Kilmer would remember this spot.

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