Friday, January 10, 2014

And Then Another Sunset

Today was a bit like all the other days down here, except we had guests for drinks and snacks before dinner. Our neighbors across the street came over.  Bonnie and Ken were the two folks we met the day we moved into the lot. They were very nice and during that first meeting there positive attitude about the lot really helped us to stick with our plan to stay down here. They brought Bonnie's sister Judy and her husband Bernie with them for the visit.  It was very nice to have visitors and we really enjoyed talking about Mexico and the area they live up in Canada. The live in Radium Hot Springs in B.C. and we have already decided that we will be visiting them when we travel back north.

After drinks our visitors went to dinner and Linda and I walked down to the beach and caught the last moments of sunset. Here are the shots from tonight.  They almost don't look real.

Slice of sun, wish I had arrived earlier!
With the sun down the blues come out.
An artsy photo of our walk back home. 

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