Friday, January 03, 2014

A Last Night

Preparing the luminary for flight. 
The weather finally took a turn for the better and everyone's mood picked up.  We stayed at the house and dozed in the sun Teri and Bill trying hard to get a little bit of a sun line before they return to beautiful cold Idaho.

Wishes and possible dreams!
We walked down to Bigotes and had drinks, the bar was very busy, the sunset was nice and we had a cool place to relax.  After that we walked back to eat at Esmeralda's (formerly Ava's). They sat us in a nice spot and promised that our meal would be a good one.  Bill and I had chiles rellenos and the ladies had quesadilla. All the meals were great!  My chiles relleno was huge and had a wonderful flavor.  It turned out to be one of our better meals and we let the owner know that we were very pleased.

Bill helps it take flight.
We walked back to the house under a striking new moon.  We had been given a luminary by a family who had sent several into the sky on New Years eve.  So as I took pictures the everyone else worked to get the luminary lit and ready to send skyward. We all made wishes to send to the sky and when the hot air took control of the globe it rose up and over the ocean. Everyone watched until it flickered out and then wondered where it would end it's journey with our wishes.

The luminary  flies beneath the moon.

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Jodi said...

I have always wanted to try a luminary like that. I am sure it was beautiful over the ocean.