Friday, November 29, 2013

To the Pipe Cactus!

Thanksgiving was a unique experience this year.  I had snuck our meal into the camper. This consisted of four thick slices of turkey breast, powered mashed potatoes, a jar of turkey gravy, small can of cranberries and a box of that instant stuffing in which you just add hot water.  With that we created a grand Thanksgiving dinner and celebrated our successful southern migration.
Once all the dishes were cleaned and put away we organized the camper for our departure in the morning and then went to bed.
At 6:00 AM Linda was moving about and we both got out of bed and walked to the showers.  By now we were pros at using this area and we were able, through our local knowledge, to save $.50 between our two showers.  Experience told us that we shouldn’t be tricked by the $1.00 sign and that we could complete the task with only $.75! Boy we are thrifty campers aren’t we!
We packed up the rest of the camper and went through our “leaving camp” check list, drove up and dumped the gray and black tanks and hit the road for our final long leg in the states.
Bullhead City to Needles, CA, Needles to Lake Havasu City, Lake Havasu City to Quartzsite, Quartzsite to Buckeye to Ajo then to our final stop Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument.  We are 8 miles from Lukesville and the border of Mexico.  This will be our home until Monday when we drive back into Ajo and meet up with Larry and Maggie.  We will post photos and note any exciting events between now and our crossing.  Our only goal is to rest up and enjoy the desert.

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